Conscious Changemaker


Atomica Coffee started life in 1996 as a cafe in Fitzroy – the first café in Melbourne to roast its own coffee in-house! And Melbournians loved it! The smell of roasting coffee, smoke billowing out the windows and coffee like you’ve never tasted in your life! Just reading it makes me want to be there. From then on, Atomica Coffee has been making a name for itself in the coffee world by providing boutique coffee roasting and wholesaling to friends in the industry.

In addition to their signature blends, Atomica Coffee has continued to reinvent themselves with a new socially conscious blend – The Lady Blend!. This unique blend includes beans sourced from women farmers in Matao, Brazil. The women are trained and supported to grow quality, premium beans and this means a whole lot of good for them, their children and community. Not only that, for every kilo of beans sold, Atomica Coffee donates $1 to the Go Girls Foundation in Melbourne, an inspiring enterprise that supports, connects and celebrates women.

So, if you’re a lover of coffee or just love women, buy some of this coffee that gives back.