Born in 1996 

The first café in Melbourne to roast its own coffee in-house... and we mean literally "in-house"! We were at the back of the shop roasting our own blends and it was something Melbournians had never seen and loved! The smell of roasting coffee, smoke billowing out the windows and coffee like you’ve never tasted in your life! From then on, Atomica Coffee has been making a name for itself in the coffee world by providing boutique coffee roasting and wholesaling to those who soon become apart of the Atomica family! 

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This place is legendary within coffee circles, amongst those in the know and Tolly, the humble and unassuming mastermind of this radioactive retro roaster knows exactly what it takes to prepare a beverage worthy
— Melbourne Coffee Review, 2008

All the while, not only was the Atomica family growing at rapid speed, but the Avgerinos' were too!

Our fist born, Ari was born with the Atomica Coffee running through his veins and was learning how to perfect it from day dot. 

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Bring on the 00's 

By this point Atomica was in over 55 cafes in Melbourne and surrounds serving Atomica blends. Leading the industry by experimenting with roasting techniques, defying blending traditions and always looking to find the best extraction methods.


Creme: Very Good
Colour: Soft Tan
Specialty: Just being so right!
— Melbourne Plate, 2000.

Atomica Ethos: To source the finest quality green beans, roast them individually and expertly blend them to ensure you enjoy every cup.

Photo by Belinda O'Neill 2001

Photo by Belinda O'Neill 2001

Centre place also is on the morning route for many commuters from flinders st station with Grind in the city a popular spot for that first coffee of the day.
— Hearld Sun, Mandi Zonneveldt, 2001

We always respect the past. Our roasts will always taste like coffee. Utilising our vast experience and modern techniques we have the ability to change and produce coffees suited to not only new palates, but various brewing methods from Greek coffee, espresso all the way through to French Press.


Our Commitment to You! We individually roast each bean to its optimum flavour profile.

We never batch roast. Product first. No shortcuts on quality.

it’s heaven.
— Matt Preston, Epicure, 2002

Remember when coffee was $2.50?

Atomica roasts its own beans and the strong, punchy coffee with its smooth finish and no bitterness is a light-blend recipe called Atomica dark.
— Herald Sun, 2003
Somebody once told me that Atomica is the best coffee blend in Melbourne. What? I remember thinking! Impossible! I had to taste this crazy coffee. And days later, I was still buzzing from the experience.

... The atomica blend, roasted on the premises, is a ‘sweet and rich’ coffee of medium to dark strength. Not only does Atomica Cafe boast the most impressive range of coffee beans my naked eye has seen in a long time… this neat and stylish cafe showcases the one and only ‘Atomica cafe’ cafe roaster.


By the 2010's we entered the coffee hall of fame 

Atomica was the place to go for a coffee prepared with care. Eighteen years on, it remains a vital part of Melbourne’s coffee scene and its beans 0 still roasted on the premise, the first cafe to do so in Melbourne and around the world
— Saturday Weekend, 2014
O.G’s of coffee roasting, owning the title of the first cafe in Australia to source and roast coffee beans on-site ...
— - NB 2017
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Then we crafted lady blend

a new socially conscious blend – The Lady Blend!. This unique blend includes beans sourced from women farmers in Matao, Brazil. The women are trained and supported to grow quality, premium beans and this means a whole lot of good for them, their children and community. Not only that, for every kilo of beans sold, Atomica Coffee donates $1 to the Go Girls Foundation in Melbourne, an inspiring enterprise that supports, connects and celebrates women.
— - Socially Conscious Club, 2018
a huge influence in helping shape the future of coffee in Melbourne
— No-BS, 2017